Solquiel L P otassium

Solquel-L Potassium

Solquel-L Potassium is a potassium solution chelated with EDTA and formulated to prevent deficiency stages. The liquid formulation and the chelating agent will guarantee the correct absorption and assimilation of the potassium by the plant.

Potassium is an essential nutrient for the quality of the crops and fruits. It is required for numerous plant growth processes, activating the most important
enzymes involved in the plant development. It takes part of different metabolic processes (photosynthesis, protein and carbohydrates synthesis, etc.) and participates in the osmotic pressure regulation, having an important effect in the water balance and stomata activity. For these reasons, it is considered as an essential nutrient for the vegetative growth, fructification, maturation and fruit quality.

The effects are:

  • Uniform maturation.
  • Improvement of the size, shape, sugar, oils, proteins and vitamin content and organoleptic properties (color and flavor) of the fruits.
  • Enhancement of the translocation of sugars and starch.
  • Improvement of the shelf life in fruits and vegetables.
  • Improvement of the leave strength and structure. It maintains turgor and reduces water loss and wilting.
  • Improvement of the leave strength and structure. It maintains turgor and reduces water loss and wilting.
  • Higher temperature resistance, avoiding the damage of the cell membranes permeability.


Potassium oxide (K2O) water soluble                                           50,0 % w/v (33,3 % w/w)

EDTA                                                                                                   4,0 % w/v (2,6 % w/w)



Solquel-L Potassium can be mixed with the most usual mineral fertilizers. It can be used in foliar applications and dissolved in water using all kind of irrigation systems. When the product is applied by foliar way, do not perform the application during maximum sun radiation hours. Apply preferably during the sunrise or sunset.

Do not mix with products containing calcium, magnesium, iron, manganese or zinc, unless they are chelated.


1 - 5 and 25 liters

Note: It is recommended to check with an Agronomist or Technician if you need to change or adjust dosage