Rock - Hidro:

  • Ruck-Hidro is a calcium deficiency corrector based on a calcium compound complexed with polycarboxylic and phenolic acids. Suitable for preventing or correcting deficiency states caused by poor calcium assimilation or calcium deficits (e.g. tip-burn, bitter-pit, black core, etc.). The amino acids and polycarboxylic acids act as highly effective transporters, facilitating foliar absorption and the transportation of molecules inside the plant. Produces no residue and is easy for the plant to assimilate. Indicated for foliar and fertirrigation application.



Recommended for all types of crops (e.g., citrus fruit, stone and pome fruit, grapevine, olive, alfalfa, beetroot, vegetables, industrial crops and ornamental plants).


  • Foliar application: 100 - 300 ml/hl.
  • Soil application:
  • - Woody plants: 3 - 8 I/ha (citrus fruit and fruit trees).
  • - Herbaceous plants: 3 - 5 I/ha.


1, 5 Kg


Do not ingest

Avoid any contact with eyes and mucous

Keep away from children

Wash with water and soap after applications

Do not eat, drink or smoke during the application

Note: It is recommended to check with an Agronomist or Technician if you need to change or adjust dosage