Calfendor  is a calcium deficiency corrector and soil conditioner due to its content in calcium, organic polycarboxylic acids and other components. Adds calcium to the soil solution, facilitating the washing of toxic ions (such as sodium, chlori-des. etc.). The polycarboxylic acids unblock non-soluble calcium in the form of calcium carbonate and act as "carriers". Contains humic acids that improve the soil structure, and provides long-term support to the immediate effect of the fulvic 3C-Xis included in its composition.


Total nitrogen (N)                                                                      6  %

nitrate nitrogen (N)                                                                   5.5%

ammoniacal nitrogen (N)                                                         0.5  %

water-soluble calcium oxide (CaO)                                          11%

natal humic extract                                                                     9%

fulvic acids                                                                                   9%


Alkaline soils: it is advisable to irrigate for 2 hours, using Calfendor for the 1st hour and water only during the 2nd hour, to shift the salts. Local irrigation: 40 - 75 I/ha, distributed into 2 - 3 sessions throughout the crop. Blanket irrigation: 80 - 150 I/ha, distributed into 2 - 3 sessions throughout the crop. Saline water: 15 - 90 cc/m3 of irrigation water, depending on the water analysis, soil texture and type of crop.


1, 5 and 20 Liters.


Do not ingest

Avoid any contact with eyes and mucous

Keep away from children

Wash yourself with water and soap after applications

Do not eat, drink or smoke during the application

Note: It is recommended to check with an Agronomist or Technician if you need to change or adjust dosage